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Sometimes, math is hard. That's why I built this calculator... to help you figure out how much to pledge for the molds you want.

Remember that if you pick a custom option, that charge is only applied once per mold style. Every other mold you add under that selection (and every mold you buy in the future using that customization) only costs the base price of the mold.

There has been some confusion on whether you can order standard font molds in a custom tier. The answer is Absolutely Yes. The custom and standard tiers were to limit the number of bespoke orders I was doing to something reasonable. But if you're in that tier, you can buy non-custom stuff as well.

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D2 Coins

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7pc Polyhedral Set
7pc All The Same Set
7pc Pipped Set
4pc Add-on Set
11pc Polyhedral Set (7pc + 4pc)
Single 45mm D20 Chonk
Single 60mm D20 Chonk
2pc 25mm D20 Mini Chonk Set
2pc 35mm Chonk Pip Set
3pc 40mm D2 Set

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Standard Font
Standard Pips
Custom Logo - "20" face
Custom Logo - "1" face
Fully Custom Set

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